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Rolls Royce Phantom Hood Ornament
A convoy of 16 Mercedes limousines were led by our Rolls Royce Phantom to transport members of the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates into Baltimore escorted by motor cycle police. Pictured are the chauffeurs and security personnel watching the private 747 arrive.
Our  "Crown Princess" was the official car used by the British Ambassador to Nicaragua in the 1950's. Here it is at the Lincoln Memorial.
The rare fender skirts over the rear wheels of our 1955 Rolls Royce Limousine called the "Crown Princess" creates a magnificent flowing profile at the Jefferson Memorial.
The "Crown Princess" stands stately in front of the Washington DC Carnegie Library for a red carpet expo themed as "Old Hollywood".
Our VintageLimos.BIZ  "Crown Princess" a 1955 Rolls Royce Limousine on display at Georgetown's Washington Harbor for a Grand Re-opening of Tony & Joe's Seafood Restaurant.
The wide couch in the "Crown Princess" offers exquisite comfort to wedding parties or special events.
One of 2 fold-out jump seats in the "Crown Princess" 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith from VintageLimos.BIZ. Great for additional passengers for weddings and special events.
The cabinetry of our Rolls Royce "Crown Princess" is English Black Oak inlaid in a mirrored and feathered pattern which include a center console and two fold out jump seats from the divider window.
The beautiful polished wood dash of our elegant Rolls Royce "Crown Princess" Limousine is an example of the hand craftsmanship of this beautiful automobile available for hire in MD-DC-VA from VintageLimos.BIZ
Our Rolls Royce Limousine was the the perfect ride for a Prom with memories that will last a lifetime.
Father's day was a great surprise when our Rolls Royce "Crown Princess" arrived to take 3 lucky fathers and their 3 sons to a restaurant at the National Harbor as a gift from their wives.
Wedding with VintageLimos.BIZ "Crown Princess" 1955 Hooper Bodied Rolls Royce Limousine for hire at Rose Hill Manor
The regal grill and "dinner plate" sized headlights of our Rolls Royce Limousine the "Crown Princess" represent outstanding design elements from this rare beauty.
Classis Rolls Royce Ad featuring the reflection of the US Capitol building near the iconic "Spirit of Ectasy" hood ornament as found on the "Crown Princess" limousine from VintageLimos.BIZ.
Our "Crown Princess" is 1 of only 13 Hooper bodied limousines built for Rolls Royce showing the flowing lines of the "Empress Design" from the iconic hood ornament to the rear bumper.
Crown Princess and the Bride-Video of 1955 Rolls Royce Hooper Bodied Limousines for weddings and special events from VintageLimos.BIZ
Rolls Royce Phantom from VintageLimos.BIZ drives wedding party onto 2nd floor ballroom of Marriott Inner Harbor hotel in Baltimore.
1933 Vintage Packard Limousine from VintageLimos.BIZ for weddings and special events
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 The Flight 
Before Christmas"
Hollywood Star at Oatlands Mansion
Naval Academy "Ring Dance" with the Hollywood Star on the Red Carpet
Arrive in the style of the "Great Gatsby" with our elegant "Hollywood Star" 1933 Packard Limousine
A sweeping kiss at the Carlyle Club with our "Hollywood Star".
Packard at Art Barn in the Kentlands
A Hollywood Swoop at the Congressional Country Club
Our "Hollywood Star" decorated with wreaths of roses at Billionaire's wedding.
Our Hollywood Star was featured in this Indian Baraat with music playing from the hidden speakers behind the procession of dancing friends and family on their way to meet the Bride and her family.
Packard Limo passenger area with facing jump seats
Passenger Compartment in Vintage Limo
Classic 1933 Limo Passenger Seating
2 Person Jump Seat in 1933 Packard Limo
VintageLimos.BIZ and Flapper Girls set the mood at Roaring 20's Party with Swing Music from concealed outdoor speakers.
Wedding kiss framed by rear window of 1933 Vintage Packard from VintageLimos.BIZ
Vintage Limo with Marriage Signage
Chauffeur's compartment of 1933 Packard Limousine
Wire Wheel on VintageLimos.BIZ 1933 Vintage Limousine
A young Clark Gable with Classic Packard roadster
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PLEASE NOTE: Our "Silver Phantom" in the video below was traded in on our newer more 
luxurious VIP Tuxedo Black Phantom with Extended Wheel Base offering 9 inches more passenger space.