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Our White Vintage “Crown Princess” is the former car of the British Ambassador from the United Kingdom to Nicaragua and one of only 51 Rolls Royce limousines built in the “Empress” style by the luxury coach builder “Hooper” 

Only 639 Silver Wraiths were built on the long 
wheelbase and the “Empress” design is considered to 
be the essence of style and regal beauty featuring a 
gracefully sweeping line 
uninterrupted from the 
Rolls Royce grill to 
the rear bumper.

The brilliant exterior 
lines compliment it's rich
interior adorned with hand 
crafted woodwork of mirrored, feather-cut English 
black oak which offers both beauty and functionality. 

The rear passenger’s compartment features a center 
console with an elaborate vanity unit housing two fold 
out jump seats. 

Our Rolls Royce "Crown Princess" is the epitome of English elegance with the bespoke luxury of the Hooper coach works which treats its passengers like royalty.
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